paige aiden Media’s The en changes direction

Since its inception as ZuneSpring, enConnected has adapted to reach new audiences and grow. We’re proud to announce that paige aiden Media is transitioning the site again, this time by keeping the same focus and adding more personality to the mix.

Earlier this Spring The en switched to a full first-person point of view, with Travis Pope as its face. He’ll guide the refreshed publication, sharing his own opinions about video games and technology as he always has, but with more personal flair and less of a tone that’s more appropriate at the New York Times. Expect old favorites like Saturday Night at the Movies to return, plus the site is picking up a bigger focus on entertainment streaming services, like Netflix.

paige aiden’s enConnected Live Returns on April 7th

enConnected, our Microsoft-oriented entertainment news blog and social network just announced that they’re bring back the enConnected Live podcast for another season.

Editor Trav Pope will host the show when it makes its return to digital airwaves on April 7th. The show’s new theme is already up.

Visual refresh complete

You may notice that things look awfully different here at paige aiden Media. We thought now would be the perfect time to introduce some of the lessons we’ve learned on our other projects here.

We hope you’re enjoying your Saturday.

The New paige aiden media

Hi everyone,

I’m Travis Pope, Chief of Operations for paige aiden media. You may have noticed that we’ve updated We thought it would be nice to chronicle the changes and how they relate to shifts in our strategy as we solidify our product portfolio this fiscal year. While we do have updates planned for our publications, this update focuses on bringing you a more modern corporate site.

We’ll start with the most exciting addition to our site, paige aiden Hosting. Going forward we will offer hosting packages for your small and medium sized websites. Hosting is invitation only at this point and will be only available to our design clients.

Additionally we’ve introduced a very basic web payment system for design clients and Hosting customers in our new Clients Center. Options will be added to this area as they become needed so keep your eyes on this blog for further details.

Of course there is also the complete design change, which we hope you enjoy. We’ve used some new techniques  and we would love to get as much of your feedback on it as possible, particularly on how the new design’s “responsive” rendering works on your monitor, smartphone and tablet.

We hope the changes are to your liking, and that you’ll consider us for your hosting and design needs. Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for those aforementioned changes to our publications and web properties operations. You may start to see that stuff a lot sooner than you think!